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Bird Downs Plane in Hudson

A plane has been downed in the frigid waters of the Hudson after a bird disabled two engines in what appears

to be a suicide attack.  It’s not clear whether this was the act of a single bird or perhaps a whole flock.  Birds have made several attacks in the past on smaller planes, but never on one so large — thehumanan

Birdtadah Al-Ghussiah

Birdtadah Al-Ghussiah suspects Birdtadah Al-Ghussiah may behind this, but no terrorist bird cells have yet claimed responsibility for this attack–some papers are reporting that the attack came from a sleeper cell of geese residing somewhere in NY state.

From an article:

Government officials do not believe the crash is related to terrorism.

“There is no information at this time to indicate that this is a security-related incident,” Homeland Security spokeswoman Laura Keehner said. “We continue to closely monitor the situation which at present is focused on search and rescue.”

Either our government officials are trying to keep something secret or they’re not taking the human/animal war seriously.

Fortunately it appears that all the humans have escaped the sinking plane alive, next time we might not be so lucky.


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Sharks: Australian for “Things to Punch”

An Australian man fought his way out of a sharks mouth by punching the hell out of it’s face.  Turns out that this was only one incident in a whole series of badass Australians getting in fist fights with sharks.  Clearly they’re winning, since sharks have little in the way of fists.

Where sharks have the advantage of course, is that they have more teeth than a shoe factory has chinese kids.  There have been a large amount of shark attacks recently down under the barbie shrimp outback, but the feisty dundarees are fending them off.  A particularly interesting story from the article involves a bunch of dolphins:

“We were all just out there and there were six or seven dolphins around us. It was a bit of a tranquil morning,” local media quoted surfing friend Paul Holden as saying.

“Then out of the blue there was an attack from below and the shark grabbed Jono and started thrashing him around. The water was churning.”

What were the dolphins doing?  Surely they were aware of the impending danger of a vicious bite crazy shark, so were they leading the danger to poor Jono or trying ot warn him?  The verdict is still out on exactly whose side the dolphins are on in the great Human/Animal War — unfortunately this article brings more questions than answers.

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