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Politician Sends Powerful Message to Turkeys

They may be the descendants of dinosaurs, but Sarah Palin sent a clear message that it’s people who rule the planet now, and the only thing turkey’s can count on descending from in the future is from the top of a death funnel to the bottom.  Most of the media and other blogs have already covered the story, but none seem to be able to give an answer as to why Palin chose this particular setting.  Her choice isn’t so baffling when you consider that this vicious and dangerous bird, which can grow up to 4 feet tall and are known to invade towns and attack people, could pose a serious threat to the human army they were to mobilize their milions of rafters against us.

Related: Turkey bowling/curling is the most festively morbid sport of the season. Screw you, turkeys.  We are going to eat you.


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